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Africa's our neighbour. When it burns, we smell the smoke. It stings our eyes, it sears our conscience, but maybe not as much as it should... Bono

Current Projects

Haiti News

Iasis have made two visits to Haiti since the earthquake in January 2010. A third visit is planned in the new year. We are working alongside Haitian and American doctors and nurses, bringing much needed medical assistance to the now cholera struck Cite Soleil-the largest slum in Port au Prince. We need help to raise the funds necessary for urgent medical supplies.

Romania News

The Iasis eye team, led by optometrist and Iasis trustee, Marek Karas, have just returned form a trip to the Tirgu Frumos blind school in Romania soon. This ongoing project ensures that children with low vision are equipped with glasses and magnifiers to optimize their vision, to enable them to learn to read and write.

About Ethiopia

ethiopiaEthiopia, situated in the Horn of Africa, is the third-most populous nation in Africa. It’s heralded as the cradle of humanity since its human history dates back almost five million years. Ethiopia is also the only country in Africa that was never colonized and therefore is unique in its history of continuous sovereignty.

Traditionally, Ethiopia’s economy was based on subsistence agriculture, with an aristocracy that consumed the surplus. For a number of reasons, the peasants lacked the incentive to improve production or to store the excess harvest, and so they existed from harvest to harvest, vulnerable to crop failures. Despite the extensive modernization of Ethiopia over the last century, the overwhelming majority of its 90 million population are still peasants who continue to live in the same way.

In Northern Ethiopia, the failure of the short rains together with the insurgency of the Tigrayan People’s